Company Profile

Loenberg AR is a boutique consultancy that specialises in helping technology companies of all sizes build and deepen business relationships with industry analysts. We have a strong track record of working with global Fortune 500 companies to increase mindshare within the analyst community, as well as helping smaller companies develop a presence in key markets.

At our helm is Signe Loenberg, with more than 15 years experience in developing and delivering industry analyst programmes under her belt. Supporting her is a network of great people with backgrounds in tech industry communications including experience in message development, events management, and conducting audits.

Our approach is straightforward: understanding your vision, business strategy and solutions and then developing programmes that will ultimately enable you to take the next step forward in your communications with industry analysts. The more insight you can share with analysts, the better informed they become about your company and its products. In turn, they can help you hone your strategy and direction.

Loenberg AR is based in London, but we regularly work with clients in other parts of the world, particularly the USA and Asia.