Programme Development

Our core offering is developing a strategic analyst relations programme.

The advantages are twofold. Not only can it help shape corporate positioning and overall customer messaging. It can also ensure that your organisation recognises, and exploits, its key competitive advantages.

We can design, develop, execute and measure a dedicated analyst relations programme for your technology business, to help you gain maximum mindshare with this influential community.

Here’s how we can help:

* Focused message and content development aimed at the industry analysts relevant to your business

* Understanding why and when to engage with the industry analysts

* Providing a detailed understanding of the analysts’ perception of your business

* Provide an overview of your key industry analysts and how to engage with them

* Enhance and build your business relationships with your core contacts

* Monitor and measure the programme’s effectiveness.

We can organise analyst briefings, tours and events as part of the programme and perception audits to help you gain insight into how analysts view your organisation.


Vertical-Focused Analyst Relations Activities

We can work with you to develop a dedicated analyst relations programme to target a specific vertical in industry-specific language.

The programme identifies the most influential analysts in your industry vertical and help you develop the best methods of communicating your solution(s) to these analysts.


Moving Analyst Relations Closer To Sales

Not only do analysts influence your revenue, they can also be instrumental in helping your customers – and potential customers – prepare a shortlist of possible suppliers. We can work with your sales team to identify deals where analysts are, or have been, involved and make recommendations on the best way to help you manage the impact of the analyst on these accounts.

Research shows that industry analysts can influence, on average, up to 80% of the decisions made regarding enterprise sales.