Perception Audits

When your customers – and potential customers – make purchasing decisions, they usually turn to industry analysts to help them draw up a shortlist (and even make the final decision).

Therefore, it’s essential you have a candid and real-time view of what these analysts think and say about your organisation.

A perception audit can give you insight into how the analysts see you not just in your field of expertise, but how you rank against the competition.

The value that we bring to this audit is an objective view. Our analyst relations expertise means we can also make recommendations on future AR activities that can help improve perceptions where required.

Here’s how we can help:

* Design the questionnaire

* Identify analysts to approach for the audit

* Conduct the audit by telephone or email, according to budget

* Transcribe each conversation into a document

* Analyse the results into a presentation

* Make recommendations where there are areas that need addressing or exploiting.

Perception audits are also a great way to get feedback on what analysts think of your AR programme!